Our Services

What We Do Here at Madison Physical Therapy

Madison Physical Therapy Services is an independent, therapist-owned rehabilitation and physical care facility that has been in operation since 2003. Owned and operated by Dale Russell, P.T. Madison Physical Therapy Services provides individualized programs and one-on-one treatment. Madison Physical Therapy Services is a Preferred Provider for Blue Cross / Blue Shield, Medicare, Tricare, and other insurers for a full spectrum care that includes:

  • Surgery Recovery
  • Injury Recovery
  • Patient Education Programs
  • Sports Injury Prevention
  • Health and Wellness Programs

Personalized Attention

Each patient care session is conducted with one of our therapists for the full length of the session. This type of treatment allows the therapist to provide an in-depth evaluation of the patient’s condition and track their overall progress. A better understanding of individual patient needs leads to better long term solutions through customized recovery and education programs. The end result of personalized attention at Madison Physical Therapy is improved function combined with a better understanding of preventative maintenance.

How To Make an Appointment With Us

Madison Physical Therapy Services takes patients by referral from their physician or on an individual basis. You can call our office directly (256-325-3280) or you may use the Appointment Request Form on our Home Page. By using this form, you can send us your preferred appointment time frame. We will then be in contact you shortly to either confirm your requested time slot or provide an alternate time for you.

Before coming in for your first session with us, please take a moment to complete the Patient Forms listed on the left. The Patient Registration Form may be completed online. However, please take note that once complete it will have to be printed. This form cannot be saved and no patient information will be stored online.