Frequently Asked Questions About Physical Therapy Services

General Questions About Physical Therapy

Do I need a Doctor's referral?

In the state of Alabama you do not need a Physicians referral to be evaluated by a Physical Therapist. A physician referral is required to continue with a plan of care after initial evaluation. Depending on your insurance plan, the insurance company may require a physician referral in order to pay for services.

Can I Choose My Physical Therapy Provider?

You have the right to go to any physical therapy provider that you wish to use. A referral/prescription for physical therapy is no different than a medication prescription- you may take it anywhere you wish for the services.

Questions You Should Ask of Your Provider

The biggest difference between physical therapy centers is how care is provided for the patient. Below are some important questions you should ask of any provider:

Who will be providing my care, and will a licensed therapist or unlicensed personnel be providing my care and treatment?

Any and all physical therapy should be provided by licensed personnel. All care provided at Madison Physical Therapy is performed by licensed therapists.

Will the therapist be treating only me, or will I be sharing my time with other patients during my appointment?

At Madison Physical Therapy we believe you should always be treated one-on-one in order to achieve your best outcome in the most efficient time frame possible. This is one of the biggest differences between physical therapy centers.

How do you communicate with my doctor?

Here at Madison Physical Therapy we utilize electronic health records. We communicate with your physician throughout your care and at any other times necessary to optimize your care and outcome. Utilizing electronic records it is simple to provide your other health care providers any information necessary.